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Planting pet-friendly gardens

Yes, it's a thing.

If you're a gardener, you love plants. If you're a pet owner, you love your furry friend. Alas, sometimes these two loves don't mix. But there are ways to make this a match made in heaven.

Many plants are poisonous to pets. There are many toxic plants that dogs and cats should avoid. So what's a gardener to do? Create a pet-friendly garden, of course.

There are many on-line resources to help dog-parent gardeners choose friendly plants that not only are safe for them to be around, but also hardy enough to withstand whatever your furry friend can dish out. But don't stop with the plants. Design elements are also essential for making your garden both dog and people friendly. Start with these resources here, here, and here for inspiration.

But this post isn't just going to the dogs. Cat-friendly garden design ideas abound as well on-line. Visit the following sites to get yourself started here, here, and here.

With a little planning, both you and your furry friend (or friends) can enjoy your garden together.

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