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A Gardening Must-Have: The Bulb Auger

Easy, inexpensive, and time-saving.

It's fall. You've gone a little crazy with the bulb catalogs and you're now staring at hours of work in your yard trying to plant them all. No worries. Head to your nearest home improvement store, gardening store, or online gardening hub to purchase a bulb auger.

Bulb augers are drill attachments (cordless or corded) that allow you to plant bulbs quickly and easily while standing! You read that correctly. No more back breaking hole digging. Not only do they quickly dig the hole, their design keeps the dirt from falling into the hole before you drop your bulb in there.

Now if only there was a squirrel proofer auger.

If you need some inspiration on what bulbs to plant this fall, here is some inspiration to get you going. Happy planting!

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