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Eat your flowers?!

Edible gardening isn't just about veggies.

Google "edible gardens" and you'll typically find sites that promote your usual suspects - vegetables. Artichokes, beans, herbs, and tomatoes are all big hits. But why stop there?

Many flowers are edible and bring not only color but deliciously complex flavors to your table. Lavender is fabulous in cakes, drinks, and jellies (not to mention chocolate). Those spring pansies that you've tucked away in your garden to welcome spring are gorgeous in salads and desserts. Violets can be used in liqueur, jelly, and to make a simple syrup for adding to lemonade or other drinks.

If you're considering eating your flowers rather than just admiring them, be sure to double check that the plant you've selected is appropriate for human consumption. Then be sure to use organic products in your garden to promote overall good health from soil to table. Mangia!

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